A Scene On The Atlantic Ocean

On the morning of the 5th of August, 1833, during a severe gale in

lat. 46, lon. 31, Capt. Dempsey, of the ship Kingston, discovered at a

short distance to leeward, a brig lying on her beam ends, with flag of

distress waving. Capt. D. instantly bore down towards her, when she

proved to be the Albion, of Cork, crowded with passengers. Having

reached within hail of the unfortunate vessel, a heart-rending scene

presented itself. "We beheld," says Capt. Dempsey, "the brig reeling

ere she took the farewell plunge--witnessed the cool intrepidity of

the sailors, even at such a moment--and listened, with feelings the

most harrowing, to the piercing shrieks of the ill-fated passengers.

The crew of the Kingston flung their best boat into the boiling

Atlantic, but every exertion was vain--the angry ocean soon made her

its prey. The Albion went down with every human soul on board."

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