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The Pirates
"It is not possible to prevent the occasional appearanc...

The Sailor's Wife
The Icelanders were all returning now. Two ships...

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By the orders of the British government, I cruised fo...

Captain Ross's Expedition
In the year 1818 the British Government fitted out tw...

Our Happy Home
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In The Gulf Stream
The appearance of the first fragments of gulf-weed ca...

Voyage To The East Indies
Soon after embarking, and wearied by the exertions I ...

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Near The Norden-fjord

Like a great shudder, a gust of wind rose from the sea, and at the same
time something fell like rain upon the roof above. It was only the
dead leaves, though;--many were blown in at the porch; the old
wind-tossed trees of the graveyard were losing their foliage in this
rising gale, and winter was marching nearer.

Lost at Sea

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