Near The Norden-fjord

In the storm of the 4th and 5th of August, 1880

She read mechanically under the arch of the doorway; her eyes sought to

pierce the distance over the sea. That morning it was untraceable

under the gray mist, and a dragging drapery of clouds overhung the

horizon like a mourning veil.

Another gust of wind, and other leaves danced in whirls. A stronger

gust still; as if the western storm which had strewn those dead over

the sea wished to deface the very inscriptions which kept their names

in memory with the living.

Gaud looked with involuntary persistency at an empty space upon the

wall which seemed to yawn expectant. By a terrible impression, she was

pursued by the thought of a fresh slab which might soon perhaps be

placed there,--with another name which she did not even dare think of

in such a spot.

She felt cold, and remained seated on the granite bench, her head

reclining against the stone wall.