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The Shipwreck
A few years ago a company of one of the English regim...

A Naval Menagerie
Denis was a pig, a very special sort of pig, a pig of G...

The word "Dartmoor" means little to the ear of the Am...

Vessels Of Large Size

We now come to speak of ships of large size, which s...

Random Adventures
The newspapers published during the War of 1812, gran...

Loss Of The Amphitrite Convict Ship
The following particulars of the loss of this vessel ...

Third Day
The morning of the third day dawned fair and fresh, and...

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Near The Norden-fjord

Like a great shudder, a gust of wind rose from the sea, and at the same
time something fell like rain upon the roof above. It was only the
dead leaves, though;--many were blown in at the porch; the old
wind-tossed trees of the graveyard were losing their foliage in this
rising gale, and winter was marching nearer.

Lost at Sea

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